When in a funk, buy books?

Bibliotherapy: always a cure for what ails you. I’ve gotten into a sewing funk the last couple weeks. There are plenty of projects I could work on, but none of them seem interesting to me. I know what I should be doing, but it just doesn’t appeal. I even have two pieces done all but hems, and I can’t convince myself to put on the double needle, change the thread and just do it. Bleh.

Last night was the first night in a few days where the sewing room garage was cool enough to work in (darn heat wave), and I spent it tracing BWOF patterns, tissue-fitting and altering a tissue pattern, and vacillating between projects to cut out – without ever actually cutting anything out. Again I say bleh.

Today we went out to brunch and by chance walked by the yearly 50% off book sale at the county historical museum. They had such ridiculously low prices, even before the half-off, that I almost felt guilty taking the books. DH and I managed to restrain ourselves and only got a shopping bag-full. Only two were sewing related: a quilt design book from the 70s, with copy-able pre-drawn block outlines for coloring, and this Claire Shaeffer book, “Sew Any Patch Pocket”. I have no particular obsession with patch pockets, but I figured that any Claire Shaeffer book for $1 would be worth the investment. Now I can become the patch-pocket kung fu master… and maybe overcome my sewing funk.


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