At least there’s a meme

I won’t depress you with further tales of my sewing funk, or that Timmel Fabrics is closing, or that Yves Saint Laurent died. Instead we’ll do a fun meme, hey? This one’s been going around the sewing blogs for the past week or so.

What was I doing ten years ago?
It’s funny, I was thinking about this the other day – ten years and a couple weeks ago, I graduated from college. So right about now I was probably driving cross-country in a U-Haul truck, being bored stiff by the e/w interstate in Utah, where you can drive for hours and the mountains in the distance still look the same place as they did before you started driving.

5 things on my to do list for today (now yesterday, since that’s when I wrote it):
work, take the packages to the post office, do laundry and hang it out, tape the hockey game, and make a blog post 😉

Snacks I enjoy:
What snacks don’t I enjoy? Since I was talking about cross-country trips, what about my favorite roadtrip snacks, preferably bought at an interstate truck stop: Funyuns, YooHoo, Combos (pepperoni pizza flavor), peanut butter M&Ms, diet Pepsi, and those tangerine sours from Altoids.

Things I would do if I was a billionaire:
Buy a house, and then get a coke with my change. 😉 Seriously, probably buy a house, bankroll my DH starting his own consulting gig, and feel less guilty about spending time on my writing. And travel a lot. Maybe buy a pied-a-terre in London.

Places I have lived:
Birmingham, AL; Greenfield, IN; Beloit, WI; Canberra, ACT, Australia; San Jose and Redwood City, CA.

Types of work I’ve done:
Dry cleaning clerk; computer lab & IT support; technical writer; university grant administrator


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