The Fit’s the Thing

I’ve been slowed down by a cold this week – there’s something particularly annoying about having a cold in the summer, isn’t there? I tried to start work on one of the summer dresses I want to make, and finally managed to articulate the biggest reason why I’ve been in such a sewing funk. *I’m sick of altering patterns all the time.* Here I am, wanting to make a simple, pull-over sleeveless dress, and I can’t cut one size, or even morph between a couple sizes; I have to add length in a couple different places, morph between several sizes, and then add additional width. It’s not hard, it’s just time consuming, and even after that I know that the first couple times I make something it probably still won’t fit right. And if I don’t do the alterations, even if the piece actually fits around me, it won’t feel right and I’ll never wear it. Right now I’m very envious of people who are actually one size (or two). I would give serious consideration to buying pattern making software, if I didn’t know that taping all the sheets together all the time would drive me batty.


3 thoughts on “The Fit’s the Thing

  1. I so hear you. I’ve got a very pretty vintage dress, with the second muslin cut out, sitting in plain view – mocking me. At this point, I really, really want (a) a dressmakers dummy that’s *exactly* like me, and (b) a properly fitting block/sloper. Well, that and the knowledge I’d have if I took 4 years of school in pattern making and fitting.

    Since I’m sitting here in two pretty-nicely-fitted garments from my JCC, I do know it’s worth it in the end. I just wish the end would come sooner.

    tumblina from SG

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