I need a dressform…

…not for fitting, but because I’m sick of taking pictures. All the fuss with the self-timer and finding somewhere in the house that will give a good background and somewhere you can put the camera so you won’t be grossly ill-proportioned, and then you have to try to smile and stand in some reasonable position and in the end you have this dumb look on your face and look horribly uncomfortable. Argh! It’s enough to drive me to run-on sentences. 😉 I’ve always been neutral about getting my picture taken; I never loved it but I wasn’t one of those people who hated it and ran away from cameras either. But group shots are so much easier, not to mention that someone else is actually aiming and focusing the camera, rather than a self-timer.

The reason for this disgruntled rant is that I was able to finish my Stitcher’s Guild June Capsule Contest before the end of the month yesterday, so I took some pics of my items today. I was able to get some that were marginally OK, so I’ll put them up soon. As many of you know, if you get a garment to fit you well, it looks really horrid on the hanger, so that’s not really a good option either.


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