June Capsule Contest: Summer Blues

My collection is called Summer Blues.

The dress is from New Look 6803 view A, in a white with blue plaid crinkle cotton. The belt is also from New Look 6803, view E. (I reviewed NL6803 on PR if you’re interested in the details of the pattern.) The cardigan is a purchased RTW one from Banana Republic.

The tunic top is Simplicity 4589 view E, in a white with blue calico print cotton. The pants are Burda 7966, in an indigo rayon crinkle.

I really like these pieces and their colors; I think they’re summery without being too pastel or bright (not my thing). I am, however, totally sick of making or wearing anything with gathers in it. For some reason a lot of beginner patterns have gathers, but I think gathers are actually quite tricky to get right – there’s a lot of pulling, basting, checking, redistributing, etc. that you have to do if you want something to look decent. This top was a bit tedious in that way.

I’m really pleased with the pants. I made a size 50 with no adjustments, and it’s almost perfect – a lot better than the Big 4 pants I spent a lot more adjusting. I think this suggests I should just make Burda pants in the future and forget the rest, yeah? The only things I’ll change in the future are to add another inch at the center back waist, and lengthen the legs an inch or so (after hemming, these are more in the ‘slightly cropped to wear with flip flops’ length). I didn’t make an elastic-drawstring hybrid like the instructions suggested, I put in a separate elastic plus a drawstring in a casing (used extra-wide single fold bias tape for the casing, rather than self-fabric, since it was crinkled and stretchy). I’ll try to take better pics of the details of the pants; since they’re dark blue it’s hard to catch them on camera.


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