Duh: A Rant

I am a crazy pre-planner and research almost everything before I do it. Heck, I almost became a librarian. I appreciate learning about things and that everyone needs to start somewhere. That said, you know the saying that ‘there are no dumb questions’? Sometimes, there are dumb questions.

If you’re a new sewer, take a bit and learn more about your new chosen craft before you use the internet to do your research for you. Read some blogs and absorb them before asking all the questions under the sun. Try reading past discussions and questions before you ask the same question yet again. I know, maybe even read a book or two! And please, please, read your pattern envelopes and instructions before you start saying you don’t understand how to make something. Spend some time trying to make it work yourself before forcing others to do your work for you.

Do we really need blog posts that tell us how to make sure our fabric has the required amount of stretch for a knit pattern? You know how you do that? *You read the back of the envelope.* Seriously, it’s all there. We need people to tell us to read and follow the instructions? *boggle*

Do we need v-logs that tell us how to have a yard sale? Good god, people, look at the world around you. Ask the advice of someone you know, if you’re really that much at sea, or I know, maybe you should just try it and see what happens?

OK, I’m done ranting like a grumpy old man now. “Kids, get off my lawn!”


One thought on “Duh: A Rant

  1. Excellent Rant!
    Sometimes I just want to shout to those on PR asking the same things over and over – did you even THINK about searching the database or knowledge base here?

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