Here is what happened to my favorite princess-seam blouse when I washed it this week:

I’d been meaning to make a pattern to clone it. Guess I have no reason to wait, now, eh? One of the details I like on it is that it has princess seams with a dart, which seems to fit me particularly well. I’ve seen that in some recent WOF patterns, but nowhere else. It also has an interesting sorta-strapped seam detail.

In happier news, here’s what I picked up at the thrift store today.

It looks like it’s been unopened in the bag for decades. (No zip codes on the packaging, so I’m guessing 60s??) I doubt that it will fit my ironing board, which is a weird Ikea size, perfectly, but I figured for $1.99 I could easily adjust/recut it.

I haven’t sewn in weeks, and I really miss it. I’m finishing up a project for one of my contract employers on Tuesday, so hopefully after that I will have some time to catch up on other things, including sewing.

(Also: I’m both proud and disturbed that I can now eyeball the size/fit of things at the thrift store so accurately without having to try anything on. I bought a fitted, yoked skirt based on just looking at it and it fits bang on. It’s like a weird shopping-related superpower. Does this suggest that too large of a portion of my life to date has been spent shopping and trying things on?)

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