Fall dress

This is intended mostly as a reminder to myself, so I don’t forget about it. I tried on a dress at Target yesterday which I’d love to knock off. I can’t find any pics of it online. It was a sophia-weight knit, heather gray, with short sleeves. It had a neckline similar to NL 6803, the dress I made out of the blue plaid calcutta, except instead of even pleats at the neckline there were two sets of three small pleats, each on one side of the cf, pointing toward the bust rather than straight down. This made them sit down over the bust and not poof out much more nicely than my dress. Then there was an empire band, all the way around, and the skirt was slightly a-line, with two box pleats in the front, released below the empire waistband.

It had my usual RTW fit problems – the back above the waist was too big and the sleeves were too short to be flattering, plus the neckline facing rolled badly to the outside at the cf (which my dress does as well – maybe I can come up with some way to bind the neckline and/or topstitch the facing??). I’m not 100% convinced of the box pleats either, but they would make it easier to get the size transition b/w upper and lower body without a crazily-curved side seam at the waist/hip.

I’d probably do a long or 3/4 sleeve for a fall/winter dress, but other than that I think it would work as designed, if I could get it to fit well. I think I could frankenpattern it from NL 6803 and 6823, and 6801 if I’m feeling really fancy about the band and pleats.

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