New^2 Look

The autumn New Look patterns have been in the stores for a week or so now, but they’re finally up on the Simplicity site. I think this is a great collection, and I already grabbed four when I was at J’s last week:

6823, knit dresses, this in a sophia knit would be killer. I’m seeing a lot of knit dresses like this in RTW this fall.

6829, tunics or dress (this is a nice season-spanning style, I’d probably get rid of the cuffs & billowy sleeves on the long sleeved version)

6831, blouses, I like the v-neck tie view particularly

6832, coat or jacket, raglan sleeves – I’ve got some houndstooth “suiting” from Joann’s that would make a killer coat in this, and it’s been hanging in my hall closet for at least 2 years now (you’d want to use something somewhat drapey, I think, otherwise those gathered shoulders would look too 80s powersuit-y)

There isn’t much in this collection that I don’t like, actually – I don’t get the backless women’s version of the vest pattern, and the jumpers are too juvenile for me personally. The jacket on 6835 isn’t my favorite, it’s a bit boxy, but everything else is lovely; the little girls’ dresses are adorable.

6824 is also a really nice retro-inspired dress pattern (I dig the interesting collar on view B) which seems more summery to me, but would also work well as a holiday event dress.


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