Solids & Prints

Finally got back into the sewing nook for a few hours this week, although it’s been really hot and thus uncomfortable out there. Maybe I should just accept that I won’t get much sewing done in the summer and take Jul-Aug off. Anyway, I did a sweep of the fabric stash, reorganized things, thought about projects I wanted to work on for the fall, and pulled out some fabrics that I think I’ll get rid of.

It strikes me as I sew more and renovate my wardrobe, I really don’t wear a lot of prints. The prints I do wear are small, geometric or only a couple of colors. But I haven’t always followed that rule when I’ve bought fabric; instead I’ve acted like a bird collecting shiny things and ended up with stuff I’d never wear. If it won’t work for PJs either (and I don’t have kids to sew for) or get used in a quilt, it’s really a waste for me to have it in my stash. Or at least I should hang it up as art and quit pretending I’ll ever sew a garment out of it.

It’s worse when you’re buying fabric online, too. You can’t feel them or see the texture well, so the solids look boring, while the wacky prints really grab you. Which brings me to this cracktastic croquet print voile at Waechter’s, which may rival my Abraham Lincoln quilt cotton as one of the oddest fabrics I’ve seen. (I initially misspelled ‘fabrics’ and my spell-checker suggested ‘farces’. Yes, that too.)

I don’t need a cotton print of Victorian figures playing lawn sports, right? Right?


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