Style for Fall

I’ve read the September Lucky and Glamour mags, and I wasn’t bowled over. I haven’t even seen much in RTW that thrills me (although the Chaiken fall collection is lovely and understated; if only I were 50 pounds lighter and a lot richer).

I did see a cute detail on a MICHAEL Michael Kors jacket: extra-large plastic four-hole buttons, retro-ish (~3-4″ diameter) on the front placket, non-functional with a snap for actual fastening.

I’m also glad to see vests back in; they tend to rotate in and out of style, and I’ve always liked them and think they suit me. I have a couple of fabrics in my stash that would make great vests; one I just picked up and is a brown with fuschia tweedy weave, and one I bought last year at the JoAnn’s Black Friday-weekend sale is a black embroidered velvet, which I intended to make for the holidays. Well, maybe I can make it for this year’s holidays…

I think I’m becoming crotchety in my old age. Usually I’m all het up to be able to wear fall clothes…even though our fall here isn’t super-dramatic. However, I’ve recently found several style blogs that I really enjoy. I find that the ‘real-life’ examples online tend to be more applicable to me than the spreads in the fashion magazines.

  • Wardrobe 911
  • Youlookfab
  • The closet therapist
  • The periodic elements of style

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