Discuss amongst yourselves the ironic use of the anarchy symbol as a commercialized, productized consumer good, aimed at ‘rebellious’ teenagers (or the sewing mothers of said teenagers).


Moving onward. Spent last week visiting family and in-laws in the midwest. My mom and I did spend an afternoon fabric shopping, although primarily for quilting fabric as she and I are going to work on a quilt together. She’s a retired math teacher, so she’s faster at picturing how to calculate yardages and such than I am, but I was pleased at how much better I have gotten at that kind of thing in recent years.

The one garment fabric I did buy was this blue stripe from a Hancock’s clearance table.

It was missing the original bolt info, but it feels like linen or a linen/cotton blend. The stripes are printed diagonally on the fabric, so it gives a nice bias look without needing to be actually cut on the bias. I’m thinking of a quick elastic-waist skirt to wear during this summer-fall we’re currently in. It’s a bit jarring to leave a rainy fall-bound midwest and return to sun and 80+ degrees.


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