So much for simple

I thought I’d throw together a quick elastic-waist skirt out of the blue diagonal-stripe linen as my return to sewing. I grabbed Simplicity 4881 @ the Joann’s pattern sale (since the Burda pattern I wanted wasn’t in the cabinets) and skipped merrily along. Ah, the best laid plans. I cut it on the straight grain instead of the bias because of the stripes, and even though there’s quite a bit of ease included, it’s a bit too snug to comfortably fit over my hips. And I don’t have enough fabric to recut. So now I’m trying to decide whether to a) put in a zipper and fashion some sort of faced waist b) throw it in the TBR pile and hope I lose more weight or c) attempt some kind of added fabric gusset/strapped seam dealie at the side seams. I could do something in self-fabric, but I found this 1/8 yd ‘swatch’ from FFC in my scrap bin which looks kinda cool and Anthropologie with it. What do you think, quirky and interesting, or weird and jarring?


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