When all else fails, bitch

Apparently all I needed to do was release my negativity to the universe to get things to shift. I was talking about my frustration with my DH and realized that I’ve been dedicating a lot more time to my writing in the last couple months; it’s no wonder I haven’t had time to sew, since I only have a finite amount of time to work with. I’m feeling better about my lack of skills, although I may take a break from reading sewing blogs for a bit and see if that helps. And watching the Project Runway finale was inspiring; finales are always my favorites since they usually focus on the creative work rather than interpersonal drama. Plus, I can start thinking about SWAP!

Stitchers Guild is running the upcoming SWAP contest, since Timmel Fabrics has closed, and the rules were just announced. The rules are quite simple this year: 6 tops, 4 bottoms, 1 jacket sewn between Nov 1 and April 30. All the pieces should reflect a week in the life: an average week of your life, however you typically spend your time.

I’m still mulling options, but I’ve had a drawer of coordinating fabrics collected for months now, in a brown/lavendar/indigo/cream colorway. And I could also go in a black/white/teal direction. As always I think deciding on the jacket design and fabric will be the key, since it has to go with everything.

As far as the week in the life angle, I can wear pretty much what I want most days, but mostly I’m in jeans and smart casual separates. I don’t know if I can manage making jeans for the first time, but all the other components of my everyday wardrobe are probably doable with my current skill level, time and tools.

Ok, off to actually SEW now!


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