Winter inspirations: Boden: Coats

There’s some cute things in the new Boden catalog. The two themes seem to be embellishment and coats. They have several coats that I just love; retro-inspired but also clean and modern.

The gray/black and brown/navy colorways are perfectly classic, and the violet/red is fun but still wearable. I’ve seen this seaming detail a lot recently on coats and jackets; there’s a raglan sleeve and then the bodice is paneled, but not as a typical princess seam – the seam starts from midway between the CF and the raglan at the collarbone and angles out toward the side. It seems to give a bit of a swing coat flair while still being fitted.

This is a simple raincoat shape but in a satin. One of these would be a great topper to wear to any holiday parties (the dressy dress with an everyday coat look never seems quite right to me), and easy to put together.

And this is a classic wool coat with great seaming; I like the yoke detail, which is also repeated on the back.


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