Stitching up 2008 (ha!)

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.

When I was at the bookstore picking up books for gifts the other week, I also bought the first issue of Stitch, a new sewing magazine put out by Interweave (they do a lot of knitting and other fiber mags). I highly recommend it. It’s modern yet wearable in style, the projects are doable but interesting, and the articles are excellent. There’s an article on sourcing green fabrics and an interview with Natalie Chanin; projects include bags and sewing room accessories, small gift projects and home dec, and 5 interesting skirt designs with patterns included. The one skirt pictured on the cover, is from Martha at UNIFORM Studio, and she also has an article in the magazine about her sewing inspirations journal. A couple of the skirt patterns are also available on the Stitch website.

Sister Diane at CraftyPod has written a more detailed review of Stitch including several pictures. I really liked Stitch, and if it were a monthly magazine I’d subscribe ASAP (it’s a “special issue” right now, a la the Threads spinoff mag, but hopefully they’ll publish it regularly). Now to actually get back into the sewing nook and finish some projects!


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