Argh! Photos!

Does anyone else hate taking pictures of their finished projects? I always appreciate it when other people’s blogs and reviews have a great photo, as there are a lot of things that are hard to show without a photo. So I try to return the favor, but at least half of the time I’m unsatisfied with the result.
I don’t think my problem is technical; I just find it hard to get the right light, a non-distracting background, and then get a timed photo where I don’t look like a complete dork, that shows the detail of the project. I’m not expecting my photos to look like a magazine spread, I just don’t want really bad photos out there for the whole internet to see.
I’m really wishing for a dressmaker’s dummy right now, mainly so I could see if I could use it to get better photos. Hanger and flat photos are usually worse than nothing, at least on things that fit my (decidedly not flat) figure.


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