“An opportunity to excel”
That’s what a college physics professor of mine used to call exams. Funny man. The point is well-taken, though – often when you’re limited in some aspects of your project, that’s when the most creative, interesting solutions appear. One of those opportunities showed up for me recently. I bought several pairs of pants at the after-Christmas sales, giddy at the fact I could find some RTW pants that mostly fit. The hem lengths were perfect when bought. I expected some shrinkage, maybe to the point that I would have to limit them to wearing with flat shoes; annoying but nothing new. But after a few more washes and dryings, they shrank to the point that I looked like I was wearing high-waters. So I gave in and unpicked the hems. Fortunately there was a fairly deep hem turn-up, so I could get just enough length. Since I’d worn and washed/dried them a few times, the hem creases were pretty well set. I went at them with iron and spritz bottle and managed to get them halfway decent looking. The bottoms of the hems had also faded a bit from wearing. I didn’t want to add ribbon or trim, given the style. The two cotton/spandex pair weren’t too bad, so I just disguised it a bit with the location of my topstitched hem. But the denim pair was quite faded and obvious.
I considered dyeing or adding trim, but neither really appealed. After pondering it for a while, I had a brainstorm: permanent markers. I tested on an inconspicuous area first, and ended up using blue and black ultra-fine Sharpies to color in the faded area on the dark indigo denim. If you stare at it close-up, it’s visible, but from from a distance it blends in nicely. I figure if someone’s looking at my hem that closely, I’m in the perfect position to kick them in the head. 😉 I’m waiting to see if they launder OK. I doubt it’s something they’d do at Chanel, but it works fine by me.


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