Spring Cleaning

Through a combination of selling fabric on Pattern Review and cutting out new projects, I’m now into negative numbers in my stash parity, which I’m very pleased with. Some of the sold fabrics were poor choices for me, and I hope I’m learning my lesson that a bargain I don’t sew is no bargain at all. You heard it here first: as god as my witness, I will never buy busy, multicolored prints or colors that don’t suit me again. I don’t tend to sew them, and if I do I don’t wear them, so I might as well avoid the whole thing.

I’ve sewn a couple of KnipMode knit tops now, and the fit is darn near perfect without tweaking. I’m amazed; off the peg they fit better than anything I’ve ever sewn, including the quite-good Ottobre tees. (Maybe there’s some secret Dutch heritage in my family?) It’s worth the extra $ and the effort of ‘translating’ the Dutch (if you can call what I do that), if I keep on getting such a good fit so easily. Cross your fingers that the bottoms and woven tops are as good a fit.


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