Tweaking the Process

A few weeks ago I was really frustrated with sewing. I’d had a few projects go awry, fitting was a moving target since I’m losing weight, and I felt constantly behind the 8 ball with getting pictures taken and writing reviews and blog entries. After bitching and moaning, taking a breather, and thinking about it, I came up with a couple solutions.

One: lower my standards. My reviews don’t have to be Pulitzer prize winning; my pictures don’t have to be worthy of Dorothea Lange.

Two: sew for a season ahead. That way I have time to adapt to unexpected issues without finally finishing something just in time for it not to be wearable until next year. Additionally, I can take all my pictures at once, and then write any reviews when I have time. If I make anything fitted I’ll need to make sure it’s adjustable, but that’s probably a good idea anyway.


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