Projects from early summer, and increasing the stash

Projects completed:

  • fuschia knit kimono-sleeve top, New Look 6856
  • fuschia embroidered linen elastic-waist skirt, Vogue 9887

UFOs completed:

  • aqua knit PJ tee, drafted from RTW – I used Press-n-Seal to copy the pieces, which worked quite well. Maybe a tutorial sometime?
  • denim trouser jeans rehemmed
  • green sleeveless top, Simplicity 2614, hemmed – I used light Steam-a-Seam, stitched and then pressed. Worked pretty well, and kept the bias from stretching.

Thanks to a meeting, I was over by Stonemountain and Daughter last weekend and stopped in. I had great luck in the half-off section. Let’s just say that that combined with some recent Jo-Ann’s purchases has ended the negative stash parity numbers with a flourish.

I really should stop buying fabric at Jo-Ann’s. I’m fortunate enough to have some really nice fabric stores within driving distance. Granted, it’s a day trip, not just down the street, but it’s not like a quarterly trip wouldn’t give me more than enough fabric to play with. And the prices at Stonemountain, for example, are actually not that much more than Jo-Ann’s – less if you find something on sale (at least for the kind of things I sew and wear on a regular basis; I’m not much into fancy silks and such). And the quality of goods in most cases is far better, not to mention that the clerks are helpful, they have notions that I’ve never seen anywhere else but online, and it’s a locally owned independent business.

Although I appreciate the one grandmotherly woman who works at my local Jo-Ann’s and actually sews. We spent a few minutes at the cutting table last time I was there bemoaning the fact that we always see what’s wrong in RTW now and can rarely buy things because we notice the flaws.

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