Fall trends

I’m by no means a slavish follower of trends, but I do like to be generally aware of what’s happening in clothing design – not so much in designer collections, but more in RTW and on the street. Shades of purple seem to be the hot color in the stores for fall, which is totally OK with me – although I can’t wear the burgundy that is also everywhere. There’s still a lot of 60s retro influence happening, a la Mad Men. Seeing all the lovely day dresses make me both happy and sad: happy because for years it was impossible to find a dress unless it was for a dressy event, and sad, because I know the waist will be too high on me and look ridiculous (and the top be too big or the bottom too tight). So far I’ve concentrated my sewing on separates and knit dresses, since that’s what I wear most of the time, but I want to start working on fitting some woven dresses, as it’s unlikely I can find RTW equivalents that fit.

Here’s the ‘Love It’ list featured in a recent mailing from Chico’s, and my thoughts on them:

The Red and the Black

I never wear red, but I do try to get the same look with fuschia and black, or teal and black. It’s a classic fall look, but it can look too harsh on some people.

Pretty Tweeds

By tweeds they seem to actually mean boucle – or maybe boucle tweed – the stuff that has a lot of loft and texture, a la Chanel-type suits. I dig the less lofty classic Harris-esque tweed more; I think that boucle jackets are still a bit aging to anyone under 40. (Side note, U-Handblog mentioned that Harris Tweed has a web shop. I’m not a big wool person, but even I am tempted by gorgeous wool hand-woven in the Scottish Hebrides for only 25 euros a meter.)

Spectacular Sparkle

The New Vest

The ‘new vest’ looks a lot like the old vest, as far as I can tell. I’m always a fan of waistcoat-style vests.

The Ultimate Fit Pant

This appears to be a medium-rise fly front flat-front pant, with fairly slim straight legs. Nothing earth-shattering, and it’s impossible to see how it’ll look on most of us from the size 2 models.

Long Over Lean

Nancy Ericson’s been talking up this silhouette on Stitchers’ Guild. I generally like it; it lets those of us with less svelte silhouettes wear slim pants successfully, but with the weather here I need to be able to take off some of my layers if necessary. I think you have to keep everything restrained; if the top is too voluminous, it’s very 80s in a bad way.

Bold Golds & Statement Silvers

Knockout Knits

Apparently Chico’s is coming out with a new knit called “tricotette”. Anything’s better than slinky, I say.

A Glamorous Turtleneck

Aviator Blues

A Chic Scarf

Animal Anything!

Not really my thing, but I appreciate the gals that can rock this look. I tried on a zebra-print cardigan recently and thought I just looked silly.


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