Unpopular Opinions

I enjoy watching how trends move across the sewing web-iverse. A few weeks ago everyone fawned over the new Three Graces knit top pattern from Hot Patterns and rushed off to buy it posthaste. Now people are starting to sew it and post reviews, and several with non-model bodies have remarked on problems. In my opinion it doesn’t look flattering on anyone who isn’t tall and very slender; there’s just too much bulk and drapeyness all over the place, even in a lightweight knit. I tend to feel the same about that cardi-wrap/cozy thing that so many are sewing right now. (And while I’m confessing unpopular opinions, I will admit that I think slinky knit is yucky, and I don’t like the look of classic Chanel jackets.)

I’m participating in the autumn collection sew-along at Stitcher’s Guild (is it Stitcher’s or Stitchers’?). It originated from a wardrobe plan that Elizabeth (ejvc) developed as a simplified, seasonal and modular response to the original SWAP plan. The idea is that you sew a capsule of 6 items each season, and if you stick with the same basic colors, by the end of a year you will have a complete coordinated wardrobe. It’s lighter on bottoms and heavier on tops and layering items than the original SWAP. The autumn portion calls for:
Skirt or trousers (neutral)
3 blouses/tops (1 to match, 2 to complement)
1 Layering top/cardigan (to match skirt/trousers)
Jacket (co-ordinating neutral)

I plan to sew mine in a color scheme of grays, ivory and rose pink, sticking with knits for everything except the skirt. I’ve cut out my first few pieces and purchased a cream sweater knit cardigan that I think that I will use for the layering top slot.

I went to Artistry in Fashion, a local designer sale event, on Saturday. This year they had a new event, a trunk show from pattern designers Decades of Style, Loes Hinse and La Fred. It was lovely to see the patterns made up and on people, as well as hear the designers’ comments on each pattern. The presence of the pattern folks and their associated items made the event a lot more relevant to sewers; most of the rest of the items were finished garments and accessories, and mostly in the wearable-art vein, which is not really my style. I admit I did do some damage with the fabric and patterns as well as a few buttons from the button lady. I *really* need to get back on the stash control bandwagon – some personal stress has manifested itself in buying fabric and clothes recently, unfortunately.


One thought on “Unpopular Opinions

  1. That’s an interesting comment. I’ve always wished HP would use real photos on their patterns like Textile Studio, the Big Four, and lots of others. The super skinny, tall, pattern illustrations make anything look good. I think that is why I don’t rush out to buy HP patterns. Even if a model’s garment is pinned in the back, it’s a real garment on a real body. It gives a “real” perspective to what’s in store when the garment is stitched up at home.

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