Local event review: Tomato & Pepper Plant Sale

I think I’m going to start posting occasional reviews of stores, events and such that might be helpful to San Francisco Bay Area people. Maybe this will be of interest to others too, or feel free to ignore these posts!

By the way, to those of you who have left me a blog comment recently, thank you. I’m having technical difficulty with the moderating process at the moment. Hopefully I can get them all appearing on the blog soon. Sorry for appearing to ignore your comments; they are all appreciated.

Event: Tomato & Pepper Plant Sale, 4/10/10. This was run by the Master Gardeners of San Mateo and San Francisco Counties and held at the College of San Mateo. I got there late, about a half-hour before it ended, and there were still plenty of people there. I picked up 4 tomatoes – one Roma, one beefsteak, one yellow slicer, and one yellow grape-sized; each tomato plant cost $4. There were about a dozen tomato varieties to choose from, and two kinds of hot peppers – apparently they had had sweet peppers but had sold out of them earlier. There were several people from the Master Gardeners program there and willing to answer questions and make suggestions, although I just bought my plants and moved on. The choice of tomatoes was broad, including those with shorter growing periods ideal for the colder and foggier parts of the San Francisco area.

The logistics weren’t 100% – the signage was insufficient and the layout was confusing – but this was their first year putting on the event, so hopefully those things will be improved in the future. Given the great turnout that they said they had, I expect that they’ll do it again. Keep your eye out for next year’s event. It’s a nice way to get a variety of tomato plants for your garden, including ones that you can’t find in the stores, without having to grow them all from seed yourself.


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