Two challenges

I’ve been enviously watching the participants in Me-Made-May wear their home-sewn garments all of last month. Despite all the projects I start, and the many more I think about, not many of my ideas end up as wearable garments. Some have fit problems or otherwise don’t work, some never get finished in the first place, and a lot have construction issues that mean they don’t last very long. Despite the enjoyment I get from the intellectual challenge of something that doesn’t necessarily turn into a wearable garment, I would like to get to the point where I could wear more things I made.

Zoe, the organizer of Me-Made-May, is planning a similar challenge later this year: Self-Stitched September. I’d love to participate – maybe just with the goal of wearing one self-made piece a day rather than my entire outfit every day. If I’m going to be successful with the challenge I need to finish some more pieces, and focus on the simple basics that I can make fairly easily. I kind of sneer at them because I like to learn new techniques, but they are the kind of thing that I end up wearing.

A challenge that’s coming up faster is the Summer Black-Out week organized by Sally at Already Pretty. From June 7 to 14, participants will refrain from wearing black garments, although black shoes and accessories are OK, and patterns including black but not with black as the base color. I actually wear black fairly often in the summer with brights; my winter colors tend to be the more earthy ones, for whatever reason.

I think Sally’s planning on doing this all summer and excluding black shoes too (!), which I totally couldn’t pull off. But a black-free week sounds like a nice challenge to start the summer season.


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