The current inventory

There’s been some discussion on Stitchers’ Guild about Self-Stitched September and a pre-SSS sewalong. It’s got me thinking about what I would need to have if I were to do Self-Stitched September successfully. As you know if you looked at the link, there are no set rules for this challenge – some people who did it in May wore only things they made (some including shoes and/or undies, and one jaw-dropping participant made her own glasses frames), while others only tried to wear one self-made thing per day. Some people counted thrifted and/or altered garments in that total, and some counted jewelry or knitting or other accessories. I was planning on trying the ‘one handmade item per day’ option, but not counting thrifted items (unless they’d been significantly remade). I used to do beading but haven’t in years, and don’t knit, so I’m pretty much stuck with garments and maybe a couple accessories.

As I wrote before, I’ve sewn a lot in the past three years since I got into it, but I don’t have a lot of wearable, nice garments in my closet. I thought it might be useful to enumerate what exactly I do have. Since my winter clothes are currently stored, I don’t have an accurate count of them, but here’s what I do know:
2 woven summer tops
2 summer knit tops
1 medium-weight jacket
5 skirts
2 sweaters/layering
Several pairs of pajamas
A couple bags and a scarf

That’s 12 pieces, not counting the PJs and accessories. And I’m not counting altered or thrifted items, which do make up a fair bit of my closet.

I would estimate that I’ve got a similar number of me-made items in my winter clothes stash, some of which will be appropriate for September but most will be too heavy. In an ideal world I would have 30 unique items that I could wear in September, so that each day I could wear something new. Since three of my summer items are sleeveless, and probably too light for September, I’ve got around 10 items right now. That means I need to sew 20 items in a little over two months. !… [panics]

OK, now that I’ve freaked out for a minute, it’s really not that undoable. In fact, I bet I have over 10 UFOs in my sewing area right now, most of which could be finished relatively quickly. If I concentrate on finishing those up and on sewing other basic, simple pieces, I could pull it off.

Now, whether it’ll make for a wardrobe that will be anything other than a hot mess, I have no idea.


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