Two freebies

First, if you have an iPhone or other iDevice, FabUnits is a new free app for converting yardage requirements on vintage patterns to modern fabric widths. It’s basic but works well. It also calculates total costs and converts yards/meters. I wish the developer had also included cm/in conversion, since I do that a lot when dealing with Knipmode and other European patterns. Here’s the announcement on the Sew Retro blog, since I don’t know how to link directly to the iTunes store.

Speaking of European patterns, that’s my second freebie, if you haven’t heard about it yet from Melissa @ Fehr Trade or on PR. If you’re a size 42 or 44, the Russian pattern company Lekala is offering free downloads of all women’s patterns in those two sizes until the end of the month. They’re known for custom-sized patterns based on your measurements (PC only, I think), but right now they also have PDF versions usable by all of us. This is the motherlode – hundreds and hundreds of patterns, including the most coat, cape and hat patterns I’ve ever seen (but they are Russian, after all).

Note that there are English instructions available for some of the older patterns (click on Technical Description), but not for the first 10 pages of patterns – Russian only. Still, it’s quite a haul, and I applaud them for going for a different look than most of the indy pattern companies right now – retro inspired or suitable for the middle aged seem to be the two evergreen slants, both of which are fine but can get a little boring.

I have been doing Self-Stitched September and have posted some pics to Flickr and the SSS Flickr group. I won’t bore you with them here, but you can take a look if you want. It’s helpful that it got warm here again – a lot of my sewn pieces are very summery; I suppose sleeveless tops and flippy elastic-waist skirts are some of the quickest things to make. I’m not sure that I can make it through the entire month without some repeats, unless I finish up some current projects or UFOs. There’s some motivation for you – finish a project or go naked!

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