On the endless cycle

I’ve just realized something, after looking at my pictures for Self-Stitched September (see my previous post for link if you’re interested). A-line skirts look OK on me when viewed in isolation, but when I look at a full-length shot of me, they emphasize the difference between my rather substantial waist and hips, and my relatively svelte lower legs. I’ve never thought of myself as an apple shape, having always been a pear, but my pear has rounded out in the middle recently – and that means I need to change some of my silhouettes (or change my body, which I’m working on too, but that takes a bit longer). I guess I’d realized that a-lines weren’t too ideal already, because I only own a couple of RTW ones anymore – most of my skirts have been replaced with pencil skirts in the last year or two. But I’d kept my old sewn skirts and kept making new ones, because it’s an easy, unfitted style that’s simple to sew.

It seems like this kind of thing – a realization on a style change or aesthetic preference – happens to me every so often like clockwork. I don’t resent it; in fact, I’m getting used to the idea that every couple-three years I’ll need to redo my closet, just like every so often you want to buy new towels or change your houseplants or get a new kind of car. The reasons are usually a mixture of practical and aesthetic ones. Sometimes I think I’d like to be one of those people that finds their signature style and pieces and sticks with them forever. But then I wonder if I truly would like it – some people choose perfectly and it works, but most people just end up looking out-of-date and out-of-touch.


2 thoughts on “On the endless cycle

  1. I hear you. I’ve been making A-line skirts lately, but adding a ruffle or something at the bottom that weighs them down a bit so that there’s more movement, but less of that A-line shape.

    For what it’s worth. Simplicity makes a good pencil skirt pattern – it’s one of their Amazing Fit line of patterns, and it lives up to the name. It has more seams than an A-line, but it fits beautifully and is easy to put together.

  2. Yes I definitely have to be aware of sewing things because they are easy but not wearing them. I have a lot of skirts in this category, panelled flared ones with
    elastic waists! I think its more of a problem with own sewn things because unlike RTW you can’t try them on beforehand. And yet once they are sewn you time and effort went in to them so you don’t want to wave goodbye.

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