SSS struggles

The sole handmade item I wore on Wednesday was a scarf. I know, I know. It gets lamer; the scarf is raw-edged jersey, so all I did was cut it out of some remnants and called it a scarf. I’m losing steam with this whole SSS wear-no-repeats thing. I’ve got a few more items left that I haven’t worn, but they’re increasingly marginal as far as suitability for the current weather. I may be done for the month – we’ll see if I get my mojo back after the weekend. I don’t want it to feel like a chore; the whole thing is supposed to be fun and encouraging.

In any case, I made it halfway through the month, 15 days, and I’ve learned a lot. Mostly that the self-made clothes in my closet, which are the cream of the crop of what I’ve made, still have issues of fit and/or construction that make them annoying to wear regularly. It’s disappointing, but informative. Now I know what I need to improve.

SSS has sparked a rush of finishing UFOs, making quick alterations and fixes, etc., which is helping clear up my sewing area. Go me!


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