Sun and Fashion

Had a great time today at Artistry in Fashion with the gals from BABES (our local sewing group). It was H-O-T hot; I was way overdressed in my new Butterick skirt and a tank and wrap sweater, not helped by the fact that the designer sale was outside this year. I felt badly for the vendors; by the time I left around 2p, the parking lots were a lot emptier than earlier in the day; it was just too obnoxious to mill about in the sunshine.

September is often warm in the Bay Area, but this September has been particularly up and down. I put away the high summer clothes a week or two ago and today was a high over 90 F, with the same expected through the middle of next week. Makes it hard to know what to have in your wardrobe. The city (aka San Francisco) is notably changeable, but here on the peninsula it usually isn’t quite as extreme.

The fashion show this year was done by Sandra Betzina featuring her Today’s Fit patterns for Vogue. It was nice to see her patterns made up in person, but her style still doesn’t overlap with my own much. It just reads old and a bit mumsy to me, and suited for a menopausal figure without much curves. On the other hand, I came away with an admiration of her as a craftsperson and as a sewing advocate, and we need all of those we can get. She had some pretty funny comments about the general quality of fabric at Jo-Ann’s, as well as the questionable decisions that Vogue occasionally makes when choosing fabric to make up the garments shown on the pattern envelope covers.

I realized while at at Jo-Ann’s the other day that it’s nearing Avoid-the-Fabric-Store season, aka October, aka the month when non-sewers become ludicrously ambitious in their Halloween plans. Seriously, it’s not even worth going in the store – it’s packed with clueless people and the fabric featured is crappy. Even cheap goths sneer at it.

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