Sidetracked on the way to the fair

A funny thing happened last Friday. After a late lunch, I set off to check out the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara. I decided to stop by a Jo-Ann Fabrics on the way; Vogue patterns were on sale last weekend, and the Jo-Ann’s nearest my house was out of the patterns and sizes I wanted.
What was supposed to be a quick stop turned into over an hour of plotting a quilt layout, after the clearance section got its claws into me. I never got to PIQF, and my weekend was booked solid. Oh well, it’s more fun to make quilts than look at them, right?

I’ve been wanting to make a quilt to enter into Jo-ann’s quilt contest. But according to their rules, all the fabrics have to be purchased from them, with the receipts to prove it. I’ve bought plenty of fabrics from Jo-Ann’s over the years, but I certainly don’t have the receipts any more. I guess the enticement of the contest worked – I bought more fabric from them!

Here’s what I’ve got – the print will be the focus fabric; I’m still working out how the colors will be worked in. The pink fleece at the back will be the back of the quilt, because I want this as a warm throw for the sofa. I’ll probably tie and sew and flip rather than actual quilting and binding.


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