When plarn attacks

Yesterday, I took a craft class in making a market bag out of recycled plastic bags. I learned how to make ‘plarn’ (plastic yarn) and do basic crochet stitches. Or at least I think so – we’ll see if I can reproduce the stitches when I’m not in class with a teacher standing over me. I’ve toyed with learning how to knit and/or crochet for a while now, mainly to have something crafty to do while traveling or watching TV; machine sewing doesn’t really suit that, and I’m not much of a handsewer.

I only got the bottom of the bag made, so there are several evenings of crochet and of making plarn ahead of me, if I want to finish it. It makes an interesting material – unexpectedly yielding and cushy, while still waterproof and durable. If anybody’s looking for a green crafting project, you should try making a raincoat out of this stuff.

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