A streak of luck, and a contest addiction?

I’ve had good luck recently with online sewing contests; I was one of the winners of the quilt block lotto I posted about recently, and I just learned I won a copy of One Yard Wonders from Sharon at Sharon Sews. I think it’s my first blog contest win – I’ve entered several but never won before. Thanks, Sharon and the quilting forum ladies – maybe next I should buy a lottery ticket. (Nah…)

I’ve been mightily tempted by the other kind of sewing contests coming up – SWAP, and the one-pattern wardrobe and endless combinations contests on PR. I tend to go through these stages with contests: first I’m in love with the idea of participating in them, and spend a lot of time plotting what might work, then I feel overwhelmed by the idea of trying to conform to all the rules, and then I come to a state where I realize I’m thinking about making pieces for the contest that I wouldn’t probably make otherwise, and I come to a screeching halt. SWAP, for example – I’ve only completed it once, and some of those items never got worn. I had to go more simple than normal, and honestly, making a bunch of elastic-waist knits just so I can complete a contest that I’ll rarely wear seems ridiculous. Yet I crave the push and the companionship and, I’ll admit it, the attention that a good contest entry gets.

I’ve got a fairly large wardrobe right now, and i don’t need to make whole capsules of clothes; I need to make individual pieces in varying colors to go with things I already own. And I need to learn how to do fly zips and more fitted pants and woven blouses and buttonholes on my machine. But instead I spend time thinking about SWAP or whatever contest, and wishing it made sense for me.

2 thoughts on “A streak of luck, and a contest addiction?

  1. I know where you are coming from, but you probably don’t want to be joining those contests then. Why not do a bit of a sew along either on PR or on Stitchers Guild so you have the camerarderie but are not constrained by the rules. If there isn’t one which fits, you could always start one.

  2. Hey, Ruthie – I thought of replying to your SWAP posts too with something like this – seems like you are struggling a bit with what fits too. The sew-along is a great idea, but I’m not sure what the category would be – “stuff I want to sew”? I’m just feeling frustrated, right now, because I want to be part of the group but I also have to be honest and admit that it isn’t the most important thing I should be working on right now. Sounds petty, I know, but the camaraderie is one of the things that keeps me interested in sewing.

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