Battling ‘Ooh Shiny’ syndrome, aka real artists ship

I think I’ve put my finger on what was bugging me when I last posted. I felt scattered, drawn to the camaraderie of contests but wanting to work on other projects as well. It took an afternoon in my sewing cave, futzing with various projects, to remind myself that my desire for novelty is sometimes self-defeating.

I like the idea part of things, the process of deciding, of evaluating options and alternatives. In other parts of my life I have to follow through on my projects, because there are deadlines and other people need things from me. In sewing, though, there’s nobody expecting anything but me, so I’m less disciplined. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with daydreaming about possibilities sometimes – my hobby is not my work – but when I’m getting frustrated that so few things get finished, things need to change a little.

More thoughts: if I take the time to post more on this blog, and take more and better photos, I will hopefully get some of the approbation and feedback that I was hoping for from the contest process. I have to figure out how to balance that with other needs, like the need to keep some privacy and anonymity.

2 thoughts on “Battling ‘Ooh Shiny’ syndrome, aka real artists ship

  1. In my experience, I can get caught up in the acquisition aspect of sewing : getting patterns, fabric, notions and everything else. But over the past few weeks, I’ve been planning for my vacation, so I’ve been sewing new clothing: breaking open patterns that I haven’t used and finding uses for the notions I have acquired. And I have been having fun.

    Before this recent blast of sewing, I didn’t quite understand why people sew SWAPs or enter contests, but I think that it relates to the one very human need, the need to feel that their work has value and is recognized as having value. When you sew a SWAP, you can recognize that it’s a valuable collection–it’s a tangible accomplishment. And when someone win a contest (whether it’s a competition or raffle) there is a recognition that “hey, I exist” as one member of a tribe of people with similar interests.

    Gosh! that’s philosophical. 🙂 it’s time for me to choose some buttons for my blouse.


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