A greeting, a rant and a quote

Hi, folks, long time no post! A bout of pneumonia has kept me from sewing for the last few weeks (and from a lot of other things). My sewing nook is *seriously* piled up, and the holiday craziness is not helping. Sadly, I’ll be traveling during Christmas so I won’t have any time to work on projects then. In the new year, hopefully…

You know what I hate? When someone posts on a sewing board asking for pattern recommendations, and then rejects half of them because they are too expensive or have to be ordered online. If you have a limited budget or a tight schedule, why not mention that in your original request, rather than wasting several people’s time who are trying to help you?

On a happier note, an intriguing quote I read today:
There is real work involved in housekeeping, in providing food and shelter, but even if we learn to minimize the mechanics of these jobs, the tasks homemaking cannot be eliminated for their value goes beyond the mechanical. We enact and strengthen our relationships by performing dozens of small practical rituals…
Mary Catherine Bateson, Composing a Life


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