Then again, maybe I won’t

I won’t be Trouser-Sewalong-ing this month. I tissue fit the Burda pattern I’d planned to use, and it would have required mucho alterations in the back waist/butt area. I was a little surprised; usually Burda patterns are curvy enough for me back there. Maybe because this was a regular size pattern graded up, rather than a plus size pattern? I could have tackled the problems with some time and effort, but instead I tabled the project until I find a better suited pattern.

Instead I finished up a PJ pant UFO and have been working on quilt blocks. Some were for some group swaps at the quilting forum, and I’ve also just learned about the Bloggers Blockapalooza Quiltalong. It looks cute and suited to beginners, with a Flickr group and all that fun. There are two blocks posted per week with the first one posted this Monday, so if I don’t want to be behind I better get my butt in gear.

(What is all this obsession with my butt in this post, either literal or metaphorical? Ah well.)


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