Happy spring!

This blog has been woefully ignored for too long. Although I haven’t been sewing a lot, I have been creative. My sartorial interests have been sated by shopping – thrifts and sales – and making outfits. And then there’s my writing, which is taking up an increased amount of my time and energy. I wouldn’t want it any other way, but sometimes I wish I had fewer interests.

So many people seem to have one main hobby, and let’s be honest ,with our lives these days, if we have a job and/or a family that’s all we really have time for. For me right now it’s less about time than about focus, and the quality of creative energy.

Is that what I should be blogging about? I love reading Myrna’s posts on similar topics but I’m not sure I have it in me to be so fearlessly honest. (Can’t find the link to her blog right now, and I’m hoping I remember her name correctly!)

One finished object, since there hasn’t been one in a while – a farmyard blanket/playmat for my niece, who just had her first birthday.

This was super-simple – the farm side was a John Deere preprinted fleece panel; the back is two lengths of John Deere-themed flannel seamed together, and the whole thing was sewn right sides together and then turned out through a gap, which was then topstitched. Super-simple, washable and (hopefully) durable.


2 thoughts on “Happy spring!

  1. Cute playmat.

    I’m the same right now, it’s hard to find quality time to focus. I get an hour here, two there, but get interrupted or have to do other things, etc. Tell me the solution when you figure it out….

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