Make & Mend is off to a grand start

This weekend I: fixed the zipper seam on two skirts, fixed the hem on two more, and restitched a crotch seam on a pair of PJ pants. I am embarrassed to say how long some of these garments had been waiting around for me to mend them.

I also hemmed the one unfinished edge of an embroidered linen remnant from my recent sewing gals get-together. Voila, instant tablecloth. (Table also featuring the roses my husband got me for our anniversary two weeks ago, which are showing their age.)

I also finished a small quilt top, but I’ll post about that separately once I get photos taken.
Tonight there’s hockey, so I hope to get some buttons sewn on while I watch, and keep the streak going.
Yes, I do tend to work in manic bursts of speed balanced out by long stretches of sloth, why do you ask?

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