August Knipmode

Lillian recently posted that Knipmode has a new editor, and that she wasn’t that impressed with the August issue. Based on the previews at the Knipmode site and at Stoff-Art, I have to agree. The line drawings are now sorted by type of garment, which is nice enough, I suppose, but makes it a little harder to find the plus patterns which used to often be clustered together. There are only four plus patterns this month. There are 31 patterns in total, but several are variations on each other rather than being unique patterns as in the past. If you count unique patterns, there are only about 20.

What’s more, only a pattern or two appeals to me, and usually several do. Melissa agrees about this issue, although she’s more charitable than I am. I will wait to see how future issues go. I don’t have a subscription, which has as its advantage that I can just pick up the issues that appeal to me and skip the ones that don’t. I will be sad if Knipmode is on a downward slope, but I’ve got plenty of back issues to keep me busy.

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