Continuous piecing a bodice

I’ve finished wearable muslins of the Colette Sorbetto and the Simplicity 2374 tank (reviews & pictures soon) and working on them helped me solidify a shortcut which I’d been using off and on for a while now. Maybe this is bog-simple to others and doesn’t even to be mentioned, I don’t know… Anyway, when you’re working with a simple sleeveless top, whether knit or woven, you can sew all four seams – both shoulders and both side seams – at once, without cutting your thread. Just pin everything and sew, and when you come to the end of a seam simply pull the next seam around and line it up next. You will usually end up with a few stitches in-between the seams, which you can snip when you’re done. I first thought of it because in making quilt blocks, there’s a similar practice usually called strip piecing, where you just sew a lot of pieces without cutting or rethreading, then snip them all apart when you’re done. It helps save thread but also limits those times when a start or an end of a piece of fabric gets yanked down into your feed plate.


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