The warm and the cold

I’m finally through most of the sewing funk from earlier this fall. I’ve cleaned up my sewing space and done a few small projects. As I started thinking about sewing for winter, and was going through my fabric and patterns, I realized something interesting. Both my fabric and my pattern stash are very light on cold-weather options. Even assuming I buy coats, sweaters and the like rather than try to make them, I still don’t have much that works for winter. My pattern stash is full of summer dresses and short-sleeved blouses, and even my pattern magazines are heavier on the warmer months. My fabrics are even more this way – I’d say at most 10-15% of my fabrics would work for winter, and probably at least a quarter of them, if not more, would only be suitable for the hottest days of summer. This would be fine if I lived in the tropics, but I don’t.

I know part of why this happens – summer projects are faster and easier, and summer fabrics are cheaper and take up less space. Plus summer fabrics are often brighter and more appealing, at least to me.

Over on Youlookfab, resident stylist Angie reminds people to shop for their dominant season – don’t buy 10 sundresses if you live in Scotland, and don’t buy lots of knee-high boots if you live in Hawaii. I’m pretty good about this when shopping for RTW, but apparently not so much when shopping for fabrics and patterns.


One thought on “The warm and the cold

  1. I have seasonal rules about fabrics. Tropical weight wool and wool gabardine are year-round. Wool with a nap (like wool flannel) and cashmere are winter. Linen and most cotton is summer.

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