Food Friday: kitchen gadgets

We were given a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas, and it just arrived, in the giant box of stuff that would never fit in our luggage for the plane. I have to say that it seems to make lovely coffee, but I feel a little ridiculous with this rather large space-age apparatus, with its associated individual little cups of vacuum-packed grounds, just to make a cup of coffee. I’m not a coffee snob, so in the past I made do with a French press and some coffee which was usually too old – but I never drank the whole pot so it was often a waste. Oh, the tradeoffs we make for convenience.

There are a lot of kitchen gadgets that I roll my eyes at, but there are some that I find genuinely useful. Two of the ones I use most are the least inexpensive: a wooden plastic-bag-drying rack (available from Lehman’s, a catalog which is full of little gadgets you never knew existed), and an angled whisk which I can’t currently find on the internet – mainly because I’m not sure what it’s called! This is what it looks like, but the picture doesn’t really show the angled-ness at the bottom well. It seems like all of whisks would work the same, but this type really works much better for most uses, and doesn’t clog up as much as the traditional balloon whisk.

What are the kitchen tools you find indispensable, and what do you find useless?


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