Winter sewing, or non-sewing

When we moved into our current place, there was a line of cabinets along one side of the garage (leftover from a kitchen redo, I imagine). I took that area over for my sewing corner, and added a table for my machine and drawers for my fabric. In many ways it’s been an awesome setup, because our house is pretty small and I wouldn’t have a dedicated sewing room otherwise. But I’m starting to realize it’s not ideal.

There are two reasons I haven’t been using the space as much recently. One is seasonal – the garage is uninsulated, and unheated except for a little electric space heater I bought. The weather is relatively mild here, but we do have winter, and it’s not that comfy out there working at night even with extra layers and some fingerless gloves. So I haven’t been out there much recently, and in the dog days of summer it is equally unpleasant in the opposite way – there’s not much circulation unless I want to open the garage door and share my sewing with the rest of the neighborhood.

The other issue is that my husband works a lot, and when he’s home I like to spend time with him, even if it’s just the two of us in the same room doing different things. So I end up reading a book or watching TV with him in the living room, instead of going out to the garage which feels very isolated.

I’m starting to wonder whether I can set up a satellite sewing area in the living room so that I can do some things there, or maybe move only my machines and my current project to the living room and keep the cutting area, ironing board and fabric storage in the garage? I’m not that fussed about it looking messy – our house is covered in books and we are not big social butterflies. My husband, on the other hand, is more of a minimalist so I would definitely have to figure out how to keep it neat or cover it somehow.


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