A loungewear SWAP?

Dear readers, I have had a brilliant brainwave! (Er, maybe just a decent thought?) I would love to participate in another Sewing With A Plan (SWAP) contest at Stitchers’ Guild. But I’m just not fast and skilled enough yet to make 11 fitted items in 4 months. And I learned from the first time I tried a SWAP that if I make only knits and elastic-waist stuff I simply won’t wear most of the items.

But! I work at home and need some at home wear that is dressier than pajamas. I try not to be the stereotype of the self-employed person who stays in her PJs until noon, but some days that is what happens. I could really use some nice, but comfy items that would be easy to pull on in the morning, but are decent and non-nightwear enough to be unembarrassed to open the door to the mailman.

The other thing that is nice about this year’s rules is that every piece doesn’t have to go with any other, which I found really difficult to make work in the past. I am hoping that if I choose simple items and silhouettes I could finish in time. And, I could include some summer housedresses which I very much need for hot days at home.

Possible items:
Knit pants (the Knipmode ones I’ve made before would be a good TNT to use)
Woven pants? Or crops?
Knit skirt – yoga waistband?
Knit cardigan and/or shrug
Woven topper/overshirt?
Shift dress, housedress x 2
Knit tops x 2
Woven tops – Sorbetto esque x 2
Jacket – would be an “overcoat” under SWAP rules

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