Sew Grateful week and my new mixer cover

Sew Grateful week is in full swing over at My Happy Sewing Place. There have been a lot of giveaways and great posts linked, so check it out if you haven’t already. I wanted to participate in my own small way, in order to say thank you to everyone in the sewing corners of the intertubes. Your blogs, photos, tutorials, threads and posts have been the single most important factor in improving my sewing. there are many kind and helpful people who have been my mentors in many ways. And there are a lot of handy tutorials out there for free, including this one to make a Kitchen Aid mixer cover from Heart of Mary.

mixer cover

I had a prequilted remnant in the stash from a FabMo distribution a few months ago, so instead of quilting as she tells you in the tutorial, I just used her pattern pieces to cut up and sew the cover pieces. That meant that everything went together quickly, especially since I chose to omit the bias binding on the seams because my version wasn’t going to be reversible anyway. The cover turned out pretty good, although I wonder if my mixer is smaller than the original one for the pattern, because the cover is plenty big. Or maybe it’s just droopy because of the difference in fabric. In any case, I’ve got a new mixer cover. Cost: gas for a trip to FabMo, a little thread, and the ink to print out a few pages. Score!

One thought on “Sew Grateful week and my new mixer cover

  1. Cute 🙂 It’s always nice to have handmade things around the home, but a mixer cover is something that I never would have thought of – but it makes perfect sense now that it’s been pointed out to me!

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