More on my SWAP idea

So I’d had the idea to do a lounge/at-home-wear SWAP. Recently when I was in a discount clothing store I bought a knit maxi-dress in a cool Southwestern border print on deep sale. It’s pretty cute, relatively speaking, and if I were the kind of person to wear a strapless maxi-dress… but I’m not, so I plan to cut it up and use the fabric.

Since it’s nearly floor-length, it’s got a bit of yardage to utilize. I’m thinking I can make a skirt out of the bottom part, and then use the rest to either make a sleeveless top, or part of a sleeved top. The background color of the knit is an off-white, with moss green, turquoise, cobalt blue, burnt orange, and black. These colors also mean I could use my already-sewn cobalt blue cotton asymmetric skirt as part of the SWAP collection, assuming I didn’t donate it to the thrift store when I put up my summer clothes last fall…

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