Quick garden update

None of the spinach or kale seeds I planted in the raised bed came up, or if they did they died or got eaten before I noticed them. I put some more spinach seeds out since it’s been wetter and warmer. The cabbage and chard are both still hanging on, but they’re both pretty leggy, especially the cabbage, which never has developed any true heads.

It’s been really warm here, relatively, and for all intents and purposes spring started a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have one last cold snap or some serious rain, but then again we may not. It’s time, I suppose, to think about the next garden plan. I picked up some Jiffy compressed peat ‘pots’ and a container for them, so I can start more seeds indoors this year. I’ve also made all my seed catalog orders and a tentative plan. I’ll try to share that soon.

What are you planning for your 2012 garden?


One thought on “Quick garden update

  1. I think the thing I’m most excited about trying this year in the garden is ground cherries. They’re related to tomatoes (and apparently grown like them), but they’re supposed to have a pineappley flavor. And I think they’re native to North America, though I’ve never noticed any in the woods around here… Anyway, I can’t wait for the beginning of March to start the seeds!

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