Laura and the amazing technicolor sweater coat

Last weekend* I was sitting in my sewing dungeon, having completed the mixer cover and my mending. I wanted to sew a bit more but I knew I shouldn’t get stuck in with a whole new project. In a supreme act of valor I went over the pile of unfinished projects and pulled out a likely prospect; in other words, something I could work on without having to change the thread in my machine.

It was a sweater coat from an Onion pattern. Once I reminded myself of what was going on with this thing – seriously, I hadn’t looked at it in years – it was pretty easy to sew all the main seams together. Everything went together well and the fit wasn’t bad. But the fabric, yeesh – what had I been thinking in that day on September 2007 (according to the tag I’d written, back when I was that organized)? It was like Missoni and a cheap women’s clothing store – Dots! Is that still around? – got together and had a wacky sweater-knit baby. It’s pretty awesome, in a “plastics are the future” kind of way, but I can’t imagine actually wearing it out of the house. So now it sits, mostly constructed, waiting for me to decide what to do with it. Maybe I’ll turn it into the world’s most colorful bathrobe.

And no, there will be no pictures.

*Two weekends ago now, to be accurate.

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