Completed projects in February

I already posted about my quickie mixer cover. I finished a couple other projects in February (no pics as of yet):

Burda-t-neck: a lovely person on PR recently sent me a tracing of that uber-popular BurdaStyle cut-on turtleneck from 2010 when I couldn’t find it available anywhere. Quick mini-review: I knew the traced size (44/46) would be too small at the hip and probably in the arms too, so I morphed it with a Knipmode plus knit top. I made it out of a small black & white houndstooth print jersey, and it turned out pretty well: comfy and cozy. It could use a few small fitting tweaks next time, but for now I’m putting it away until I start sewing for cool weather again.

LMB/TF skirt: I picked up a one yard remnant of a gray and black paisley ponte from Joann’s recently, and I wanted to make a quick skirt. I decided to try a basic skirt from the Taglie Forte I bought recently, which would also let me check out the LMB sizing and fit. It went together quickly and fits well, although I suspect a pencil silhouette would probably be more flattering on me than the slight a-line. Comfy, though; I’ve already worn it. It’s gotta be one of the quickest buy fabric to finished garment projects I’ve ever had, that’s for sure.

I’m not sure what I’ll be working on for March. I want to start working on spring things, and I seem to have more fun if I don’t make an elaborate plan beforehand. I also need to decide whether I’m going to do the Indygo Junction challenge (probably not given the due date is in two weeks), or make a quilt or a garment for the county fair this year.

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