The lure of the new

I tried to clean up my sewing cave last weekend, switch out the winter projects for spring, all that jazz. I did a cull of my patterns, too, which I do every so often. This time I was ruthless – anything in the wrong size or without cup sizes got pulled out for sale or donation. Sure, I could grade something up, or do an FBA, but 9 times out of 10 I won’t and then it just sits there taking up space and sucking up my enthusiasm.

I must have seriously estimated my future speed when I started sewing, because I’ve got a lot of patterns – Big 4 patterns from the Jo-Ann’s sales, vintage patterns via the Internet, indie patterns from all over… if I made a garment a week (highly unlikely) I could sew for years and not use them all.

It’s the possibilities that are enticing, I think. It’s like a hedge against future desires – if in 5 years I want to make a dress with this kind of neckline I can. Never mind that in 5 years I’ll probably be a different size and that neckline will be out of style. There are worse habits to have, but I’d rather be a sewer than someone who collects sewing patterns.

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